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TalktoAngel is an online mental health and holistic wellbeing platform. TalktoAngel offers complete online therapy and counselling, give valuable information on mental health, and work with different organisations to meet objectives. We provide one-on-one sessions by different modes (phone, video or messaging) with our expert group of psychologists, counsellors and cognitive-behaviour experts.
The TalktoAngel platform is open for everyone. If you wish to gain knowledge or learn more about mental health through our resources, you don’t need to register with us. However, for a few areas of the site that include asking our specialists questions, undertaking behavioural assessments or booking a session, you need to register with us for free.
Tap on the ‘Login’ at the top right corner of the page, select ‘Sign Up’ and provide your email address, enter a password and select ‘I am’ user. Your account will be created as soon as you click on submit button.
TalktoAngel services are equipped towards individuals who are 18 years or more. To register with us, you should be over 18 years old. Our services are for the 18+ age group, however, our specialists give direction and instructive sessions to guardians for children and adolescents.
As a startup, we have committed and devoted professionals; however, we welcome the experience and abilities that each individual can add value to our organisation. In case you are a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor or certified mental health expert, click on the ‘Login’ at the top right corner of the page, select ‘Sign Up’ and provide your email address, enter a password and select ‘I am’ therapists. In case you are a digital marketer or tech person or any other professional; we would love to comprehend your experience, exceptional interests, current affiliations; and the adaptability you may want in your promise to be part of our team. We offer technical, logistic and other support to all team members. Do share your resume to us through the mail (info@talktoangel.com)
TalktoAngel is an online platform for counselling and therapy to guarantee support for your well-being. At this stage, we do not provide emergencies support. Also, to ensure your and our therapist’s privacy and confidentiality, we do not provide personal contact information of either party to the other. During the course of therapy, if an emergency arises, we recommend you to look for help at the nearest hospital where you can connect with a psychiatrist, counsellor or mental health expert, in person. We also suggest you involve a relative or a companion to help you in such occasions.
Our qualified and certified therapists offer session or therapy over the following media:
  • Continuous video conferencing sessions
  • Telephonic sessions
  • Real – time chat
  • Face to face sessions at specific clinics
Online therapy is the arrangement of providing counselling and therapy services by means of a protected stage on the Internet. This is accomplished through continuous video conferencing where our experts have a virtual personal communication with people, audio consultations, or a live chat session over the web.
It is calming to converse with loved ones face to face or on Skype about what is annoying you since it feels like you can move things out into the open. Professional psychologists & mental health experts have the right skills and expertise to give your discussion meaningful direction. They plan to comprehend your thoughts, emotions with regards to your existence and experience; and help you investigate your choices so that you can touch base at your own objectives for self-change and modify behaviour. You can talk freely with no restraints on the grounds that the psychologists are outside the circle of your family or companions, and will look after secrecy and are highly confidential. The Professional psychologists guarantee you of a booked time and are prepared to oversee generally awkward thoughts, feelings and look to discover approaches to enable you to take care of issues and engage you to better oversee future difficulties. They can help you identify or reveal the purposes behind stress, outrage, agony and dissatisfaction in your life; and empower you to set goals and objectives for positive change. They listen in an unbiased manner and offer supportive and judicious feedback. They can enable you with emotional, social, interpersonal or relationship skills and rebuild negative reasoning by superseding them with positive adapting methods. This can engage you to adapt to the issue with the end goal that therapy isn't in this manner required. Your loved ones may give you guidance, but professional psychologists assist you with helping yourself. Counselling is remedial or curative and offers new prospects. Subsequently, it is more valuable and helpful than a talk with loved ones.
TalktoAngel considers personal information privacy very important. We endeavour to guarantee that all interaction amongst you and your expert – chat; audio and video are safe, secure and confidential. Your safety and wellbeing is our priority. All email and chat information is encoded on our servers. We utilize MD5 encryption for your validation. Our therapists are also trained and prepared to keep up the ethical and highest standards of professionalism by keeping your data private.
Absolutely! Over the last decade, numerous research studies have proved that online therapy can be as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.
Usually, TalktoAngel sessions are 45 minutes in duration. However, we provide 5 minutes grace to you and your therapist. In the event, you consider that 45 minutes is not enough to discuss the issues you may book 2 sessions (90 minutes) in continuation. Further discussion regarding the frequency of sessions shall be mutually decided between you and your therapist.
In some cases, improvement can be seen in as little as a couple of sessions. In the other cases, progress is slow and having someone to help over the long term makes more sense. The best timeline for you, however, is the one you discuss with your therapists.
Absolutely! At TalktoAngel, we only have highly qualified and certified therapists onboard. All of our therapists are empanelled and certified by the Institute of Chartered Psychologists (ICP) a Non-profit Professional organization of Psychologists. We don’t just screen our therapists – we also train them on how to work online to curate a high level of service.
The “Therapists” tab of the site lists all accessible TalktoAngel specialists. You can see their profile (about, area of expertise, qualifications, languages known). Depending upon your choice, you can choose a suitable therapist or can call us to book an appointment.
No. You can choose to be with the same therapist, or choose some other therapist for the next session. However, our recommendation for you would be to see the same therapist every time during the course of your therapy as it might affect your progress.
Absolutely! You can talk with your therapist through TalktoAngel inbuilt or the internal messaging system just by logging in to our website. But however, the reply to your query would depend upon therapists. This way, you won't be required to book a session all the time.
Absolutely! But however, we provide face to face sessions for specific therapists only. If your therapists provide face to face sessions then you can book an appointment through our platform.
Self-assessments are an evaluation of your actions, attitudes, feelings and/or performance. These comprise simple and straightforward questions that enable us to understand how you feel, identify areas for improvement and formulate guidelines for self-change. Self-assessment tools are the key to evaluating the problem and seeking steps to solve it.
  • Free self-assessments that facilitate insightful self-evaluation are available on our website. On submission of responses, the results are presented to you immediately.
  • The Initial Assessment is carried out prior to the first session with the therapist. This allows a background estimation of the key issue in discussion. A link to this assessment will be available to you when your first session is confirmed in the initial assessment tab of assessment in the dashboard.
  • Additional scientific behavioural assessments are assigned by our therapists to the user during the course of therapy, based on the discussion and interaction during the session. The experts discuss the results of these assessments during the following session to guide self-change.
All the TalktoAngel assessments are free. These are visible on the website and can be accessed by anyone. Other specific tools that gauge distinctive traits are offered to you only during the course of the therapy session at the discretion of the therapist. You usually fill these in between sessions. The costs of these assessments are included in your therapy fee. Hence you never pay a separate fee for an assessment at TalktoAngel. However, for a detailed report, there shall be a nominal fee.
At TalktoAngel, we adopt a customer-centered approach where we take your comfort level and preferences into account. You play an integral role in the development of your therapy plan. Our assessments are carefully designed to help us understand your thought processes, personality traits and attitudes. These allow us to help you feel better and guide therapy in the right direction. These are assigned based on the interaction during the session, and we would only recommend these to you if we believe it’s in your best interest to undertake them. However, if you still have concerns about completing any assessments, please do discuss these with your expert and they will always engage with you to develop a plan that you can work with.
At TalktoAngel we respect your privacy and confidentiality; hence all assessment results are encrypted on our server. Results of the free assessments on the website are visible only to you. When you complete an assessment recommended to you by your therapist, those results are only visible to both of you and nobody besides you and your therapist will have access to your self-evaluation reports.
The fee for each session on TalktoAngel varies according to the therapist you choose. You can view the fee charged by each therapist on their profile. Please note that you need to be logged in to check the fee.
We accept online payments through all major credit cards, debit cards, net-banking, UPI and wallets. We unfortunately, do not accept cash, cheques, demand drafts or any bank transfers.
Absolutely! You can buy multi-session packages that offer you a lower cost for each session. These packages are available to you at the time of booking an appointment with the therapist. Please note these packages bought by you would be credited in your TTA e-wallet as an equivalent amount.
All sessions can be rescheduled. The rescheduling charges depend on the time of the rescheduling in connection to the session’s begin time:
  • If you reschedule your appointment with more than 12 hours of your confirmed session time; there will be no additional charge for rescheduling. However, sessions have to be booked again to another date within 15 months of the initial booking to avail the refund in TTA e-wallet.
  • If you reschedule your appointment with less than 12 hours of your confirmed session time; you won’t be eligible for the refund as the therapist would have blocked this time and will not be able to see another customer at such short notice. We would be pleased to make a fresh booking for you after cancelling your current session. You won’t be eligible for any refund on the cancelled session. You will have to incur the full session fee for the next session.
We regard your time and opportunity to offer you timely and better quality health care. In case of some unanticipated conditions, if the therapist is unavailable for your booked session, you are qualified for a reschedule with no extra cost or a complete refund for that session. To learn more, please visit our Cancellation & Refund Policy.
Service outages can occur. If the technical difficulties arise at our end and result in you losing more than 65% of the session duration, you will be eligible for a 100% refund in TTA e-wallet. This refund in TTA e-wallet can be used to book a session or claim a cash refund for this refund at a later point, within 15 months of the date of the initial booking. If the lost time is between 30% and 65% of the session duration, you will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the session fee in TTA e-wallet. This refund in TTA e-wallet can be used to book a session or claim a cash refund for this refund at a later point, within 15 months of the date of the initial booking. If in case the lost time is less than 30% of the session duration, you will not be eligible for a refund. The cash refund will be processed within 3 working days. Please note that it might take longer for the amount to get credited in your bank account depending on the processing bank. Refunds are usually processed automatically. In case your refund is not processed, you can raise a request for the refund either by going to report a problem section on our website or by writing to us at accounts@talktoangel.com or by calling us at +91 – 11 2808 4836. In case of technical problems like power outages or poor bandwidth at your end, the refund would not be considered as the therapist would have blocked this time and will not be able to see another customer at such short notice.
TTA e-wallet is a digital wallet provided to you by TalktoAngel using which you can do transactions on our platform. The amount in the wallet consists of three components. Amount in TTA e-wallet = Money + Credits – Debits. Money is the amount added by you through the add money option in the e-wallet. Credits are received either through refunds made on cancellation of sessions or through awards provided by TalktoAngel. Debits could be any payments made to us for any purpose. Please note that any amount in the TTA e-wallet can only be used for our services and not anywhere else.
Fully secured! We use two of the latest and advanced payment gateways called PayTM and Razorpay, which uses multiple encryption keys methods to provide safe and trusted payment. We don’t save any financial information except transaction history. We also send you every payment and refund information through email.
At TalktoAngel, we go to great lengths to ensure that your personal data is 100% secure. All the communication between you and your therapist is encrypted. To learn more, please visit our Privacy Policy.
You register with TalktoAngel using your email address and we request your name and telephone number at the time of booking a session for maintaining additional contact via phone and SMS when needed. When you respond to the assessment tools that your therapist shares with you during the process of therapy or counselling, we retain your assessment reports. All information you provide is encrypted and hence, secured.
We use your contact details to send you reminders and notifications for upcoming appointments, cancelled appointments, recommended assessments, and relevant articles on our blog. We use your anonymised data to understand behavioural trends across our services and users. This process does not use any identifiable data and therefore, your identity is not revealed to anyone as part of the analysis.
No, to ensure the privacy and security of data, none of the video or voice sessions is recorded. The session would be strictly between you and your therapist and no one will have access to the session.
We aspire to give a seamless experience for our customers. For the best use of our platform and services, the following specifications are recommended:




Windows 7 or later


IE 9 or higher, Chrome 11 or higher


10.3 or higher








Headphone and microphone with noise cancellation

Internet Connectivity

Bandwidth of 2Mbps


JavaScript and Cookies enabled

Absolutely! TalktoAngel website is accessible from mobile and tablet devices and is compatible with all internet browsers.
It is a simple 3 step process mentioned below:-
  • Search therapists of your choice
  • Select mode of therapy and suitable time slot
  • Start session after making payment