Addiction is a brain disease that’s characterized by compulsive use of a substance (e.g. alcohol and drugs) or obsessive pursuit of an activity (e.g. sex and gambling) despite harmful consequences. It can cause serious damage to health, relationships and families.


Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

  • Strong cravings to use a substance or perform an activity
  • Inability to control the amount or frequency or use
  • Increased propensity to take risk to obtain the substance or indulge in the activity
  • Continued use despite health problem awareness
  • Conversations dominated by alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling
  • Disrupted sleep patterns


  • Change in social behavior
  • Relationship problems
  • Denial (refusal to acknowledge the problem)
  • Loss of interest in other activities
  • Missing important engagements
  • Missing work / low work performance

Suffering from addiction? Seek online addiction therapy to regain control of your life and lead a better future.


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