Anger is a normal human emotion and an adaptive response to threats. When out of control, anger can wreak havoc. It can adversely affect your relationships, career and even health. Which is why it’s important to control anger before it controls you.

Signs and Symptoms of Anger

  • Persistent negative thinking
  • Losing temper quickly and inability to calm it
  • Criticizing and belittling everyone and everything
  • Frequent arguments with others
  • Explosive outbursts and damaging property as a response to anger
  • Being thin-skinned



  • Low tolerance to opposing opinions
  • Physically abusing others
  • Headache and increased blood pressure
  • Becoming enraged over trivial things
  • Racing thoughts
  • Uncontrollable irritability

Got anger-related problems? Let’s help you control your powerful, aggressive feelings and behaviors so you can calm down inside.


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